Become a Quiller

Hello !

English spin-off of the French website Les Plumes Asthmathiques and created in 2011, The Breathless Quills are looking for new columnists.

No matter what kind of passion you have: music, cartoon, movies, poetry, theater plays, politics, new technologies, please don’t be shy and share. Let’s discover together new hobbies, let’s compare our points of view.

Why join us? Because we are a high-energy group, friendly, with no pressure. You write about what you want and when you want as long as there is a relation with the cultural worlds. We are not here to judge just to share.

If you need any assistance, our team of Quillers will be here to help you in any way during the writing of your articles… Nicopompus and Potchef will give some advice, proofread and edit your works. You do not have to worry about this part of the job!

If you are in, just send us an email at and we will be glad to have you on the team.

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