International Reading Challenge : Greek and Latin Ancient World & Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Many thanks to Caroline, @ "Portrait of a Woman", for the idea and her own Ann McCaffrey Reading Challenge.

From June 2011 to May 2012

As we wrote on Facebook or Twitter (@TBQuills), we are hosting in 2011-2012 the Ancient World – Scifi/Fantasy Reading Challenge.
Since we are partners of the International Symposium “The Influence of Greek and Latin Antiquity in Contemporary Science-Fiction and Fantasy works”, which will take place in Paris, on June 7-9 2012, we thought it could be an interesting idea to have a reading challenge on this topic. It is indeed an opportunity to discover the influence of Greaco-Latin Ancient World in Science-Fiction and Fantasy books.
Before carrying on with the challenge, if you want to know more about the event in Paris, its official blog is here (English and French versions available). Just be aware that Steven Erikson and Jasper Fforde, plus several French writers, will attend this conference, and just for that part, it will be a huge event!😉
Let’s talk about the Challenge:
The Challenge is very easy to understand: you decide how many books you want to read at the beginning of the challenge (may it be 1 or 50) and you achieve it whenever you want from June 2011 to May 2012.
You can of course change your goal during the year. If you set yourself a book a quarter and realise that you can’t wait another quarter without reading a second book for this challenge, just amend your initial goal! You can of course be part of this challenge even if you decide to review only one book!
If you have no idea of what you can choose and don’t know where to start, you can trust our knowledge and taste –😉 – and follow Nicopompus’ example in his schedule below!
But now, how do I choose books?: 
  1. The narrative must show a classical inspiration, whether it is in the characters choice, in its plot, in the universe the author created, etc. You will have to show these elements in your reviews.
  2. It can be part of the invited authors’ bibliography (English or French-writing authors indicated here).
  3. It can be short (short-stories or novellas) or long (novels) one.
  4. I can also be a graphic one (“bande-dessinée“, comic, manga, etc.).
  5. It can be in any language as long as you write the review (or its abstract) in English or in French.
Everyone can participate in the challenge, so if you don’t have a blog : don’t worry! Just read happily!!! Because you can publish your opinion of the book on The Breathless Quills! But, if you don’t want to be part of this filthy little blog, you can publish it on respectable websites like Goodreads or Amazon (or Babelio for reviews in French) and send us the link!
As any challenge (well not obviously any but…), this challenge will have prizes: what do you think of a book signed by Steven Erikson or Jasper Fforde? Or, if you are lucky enough to be able to come to Paris, being in the front row and asking questions to your two favourite authors without wondering before if you will be able to have a seat?

(all links will be soon to Goodreads)

I am aiming to read the following books – you can take this programme for example but it’s definitely not mandatory (since a part of the list is in French)! And I often change my mind so it is definitely an indicative programme!

First Quarter: Steven Erikson

June:  Garden of the moons (Steven Erikson)
July: Deadhouse Gates (Steven Erikson) 
August:  Memories of Ice (Steven Erikson)
Bonus Read:  Les Héritiers d’Homère (French short-stories)

Second Quarter: Books from the French Publisher Mnemos

September: La cité de Satan (Fabien Clavel) 
October:  HP. Lovecraft, Les Contrées du rêve (trad. David Camus) – Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and Through the Gates of the Silver Key
November: Le Parallèle Vertov, (Frédéric Delmeulle) 
Bonus read: Malpertuis (Jean Ray)

Third Quarter: Fantasy about Classical History

December: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Rick Riordan)
January:  Les Mémoires de Zeus (Maurice Druon)
February: The Minotaur Trilogy (Thomas Burnett Swann)
Bonus reading: Noir duo (Sylvie Miller & Philippe Ward)
Fourth Quarter: Jasper Fforde & Alain Damasio
March: La Zone du Dehors (Alain Damasio)
April: First among sequels (Jasper Fforde, n°5 of Thursday Next)
May: The Road to High Saffron (Jasper Fforde, n°1 of Shades of Grey)
Bonus Read : “Tuning Jack” (Lionel Davoust). This awarded French Short-Story can be read here.
How do I participate?:
  • Post an article on your blog about this Ancient World – Scifi/Fantasy Reading Challenge, linking to this article setting your goal and, if possible, ideas of books you would like to read.
  • You may add this logo to your blog.
  • Send us a link to your article by email (email here) or by comment (below), we will add the link to our Challenge page (“The Warlike Quills: Challenge”).
  • As you review the books, update your sign up post with links to your reviews. (If you are a non blogger – how can you do?! -, send us your review and we shall publish it; or send us an email or comment on this post and we will add you ).
  • We will add a linky post for you to put the link of your reviews for each quarter and get a chance to win the prize! (Link to the First Quarter available soon here).
  • And most importantly enjoy the books! Enjoy writing! Have fun!
If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer any question. We can also provide you advice for the writing of your review, if needed. We really hope you will enjoy this challenge!
You can visit the official blog of the symposium for more information about invited authors, partnerships with publishers, the Conference Programme and the titles of the speeches (available Fall 2011!).
For our logo we used an artwork by Gérard Trignac, don't hesitate to take a look at his gorgeous website!
Here is a list of the participants
Nicopompus & SeriesEater


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